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The Process of Applying for Organic Certification 

Americert frequently receives requests for an overview of the steps involved in applying for and obtaining certification. USDA NOP Organic certification is a highly valued and sought after certification.The best practices for obtaining certification is to follow the steps outlined below: 


1. Learn About the Process

To understand the process involved in certification, read here: certification fact sheet


2. Learn About the Regulation

The NOP standards are quite extensive. They cover everything from how you source your ingredients to how the final packaging must be labeled, and everything in between. To learn about the regulations, you can read the regulations and many guidance documents available on our website here:organic certification resources. 


3. Implement Compliant Policies, Procedures, and Practices

You must conform to the organic standards prior to applying for certification. Certification is the process of verifying compliance. You should not apply for organic certification until you have understood the regulation and taken steps to comply and document your compliance with the regulations. Written policies and procedures, a complete recordkeeping system, and appropriate documentation is a must and should be developed before applying for certification.


4. Request an Estimate and Submit an Application

Once you understand the regulations and have established all written policies and procedures and documented your compliance with the organic standards, you then apply for certification by first requesting an estimate by completing and submitting the appropriate form: Request for Estimate Form.. Once you have received an estimate and decide you want to apply for certification, you complete the entire packet of documents and attachments as described  in the next section (Applications). Once completed, you submit the required forms and all required attachments with fees to Americert by mail or email. This commences the process of certification, which then follows the process described in the overview: certification fact sheet


Other Common Questions:


How Long Does it Take?

A lot depends on the quality of the application submitted. When a well completed application with all requested attachments is submitted and fees paid it usually takes 8-12 weeks to complete the certification process. If a low quality application, which is not completed, and does not contain the required information or attachments is submitted, the process cannot be completed until the information and documentation is supplied. 


How Much Does it Cost?

Costs vary depending on what is being certified. Certification starts at about $1925 annually for the simplest handlers/processors and $1550 for the simplest growers—but may be higher depending on the size and type of operation. To obtain an estimate, complete the request for estimate form and submit.

Please contact the Americert office if you have specific questions not covered by this guidance.

Organic Applications 

For Processors and Handlers, please be sure to read the NOP Processors Guide

For Growers and Producers, please be sure to read the NOP Guide for Organic Crops Producers 

Organic Certification for Processors, Handlers, Brokers, Distributors and Manufacturers:

Please contact Americert International if you have questions about the certification process, or to receive an individualized estimate of the costs of certification for your operation. To obtain an estimate please complete the Request for Estimate form  and send it to use via email, fax, or postal mail.

When you are ready to apply for certification go to our handler application page to download the forms:

Organic Certification for Farms, Growers, and Crop Producers:

Please contact Americert International if you have questions about the certification process, or to receive an individualized estimate of the costs of certification for your operation. To obtain an estimate, please download and complete the Request for Estimate Form then send it back via email, fax, or postal mail. 

When you are ready to apply for certification, please download the following forms. These are in Adobe PDF format and may be completed on your computer and either saved and emailed to Americert or printed and mailed or faxed to Americert when they are complete. Please note that fees are due at the time of submission of your application.

1.Request for Estimate Form

2. Organic Grower Application

3. Field History Form.

4. Appendices form--download this one only if upon filling out the application form, the instructions direct you to complete the appendices form.


Please contact the Americert office if you have any questions about the forms, form submission, or what is required to commence the certification process.

Use this form only if specifically directed by Americert: Renewal

Get in Touch

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Phone: (352) 336-5700 

Mailing: 2603 NW 13th Street #228, Gainesville, FL 32609

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