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Update on Americert's Excluded Scopes, Operations, Locations and Periods Closed for New Applications

Jan. 31. 2024



Periodically, Americert revisits the exclusion of certain scopes of certification, operation types, and locations. The exclusions are based upon the current capacity of Americert to provide timely, efficient, and effective oversight and technical reviews of compliance with the USDA National Organic Program regulations in light of any limitations on Americert’s current administrative capacity. Current limitations and exclusions on Americert’s certification activities are as follows:


A. Currently Not Accepting New Applications: Currently, there have been a large number of requests for certification from Americert. This also coincides with the implementation period for the Strengthening Organic Enforcement. In order to ensure that we have the administrative capacity to conduct certification and oversight as well as SOE implementation, we have made the decision to cease accepting new applications for certification as of Feb. 16, 2024.  This will last until we have completed SOE implementation and conducted an internal review that this implementation is sufficiently advanced that we can again turn our attention to accepting new operations. The only exception to not accepting new applications is when we have an existing client who is adding a scope, facility, or extending their existing certification. In such cases, we will accept the extension of those certifications.  

The above limitation/exclusion is in addition to our other administrative capacity exclusions:

B. Limitations and Exclusions of Certain Operation Types and Product Types:

Americert currently does not accept applications for certification of operations or products falling into the following categories:

·         Grower Groups

·         Livestock Operations

·         Wild Harvest Operations

·         Hydroponic/Aeroponic operations (the growing of terrestrial plants to maturity in a system lacking soil and in which the primary method of nutrient management is through the application of liquid nutrients.)

·         Operations Producing Cannabis Crops or Cannabis Based Products or Hemp Crops Producers (The Only Exception Being Hemp Transplant Growers).

·         Operations or Products Which Involve CBD Oil or Cannabis Derived Products (as Distinct from Legally Authorized Hemp When Identified as Such)

·         Operations Irrigated with Industrial Treated Waste Water Where the Permit Allows Only Irrigation of Crops Which Are not Intended for Human Consumption

·         Other Operation or Product Types That Americert May Determine on a Case by Case Basis We Lack the Administrative or Technical Capacity to Review


C. Geographic Limitations and Exclusions:

Americert operates only in the United States.


D. Timing Restrictions:

When accepting new applications, Americert only accepts new applications for certification between Jan. 1st and Nov. 14th of each year. From Nov. 15th through Dec. 31st of each year, Americert does not accept new applications, as this time is devoted to accreditation related year end activities and training. Any application which is submitted during this closed period will be returned to the applicant, who will be asked to resubmit on Jan. 1st or can be held in a pending status until Jan. 1st at which time it will be placed in line for review.




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